Margo McCall

Writer | Editor

Last Chance

When Kayla closed her eyes, Jim’s propane tank exploded all over again. Just a few days ago, she’d been living in the redwoods with Jim. Now she was crashing on her high school friend’s couch, the Santa Cruz Mountains—and probably Jim—turned to ash. Read more in Hypertext Magazine

Margo McCall’s short stories have been published in Pacific Review, Pomona Valley Review, Hypertext, Dash, Heliotrope, In*tense, Mind in Motion, Sidewalks, Rockhurst Review, Sunspinner, Howl, Toasted Cheese, blank spaces and other journals. Her nonfiction has appeared in Herizons, Lifeboat: A Journal of Memoir, Pilgrimage, the Los Angeles Times, and other publications. A former journalist and marketing communications manager, she’s a graduate of the M.A. creative writing program at California State University Northridge. After four decades spent living and writing in Southern California, Margo recently moved back to her prairie hometown of Winnipeg, Canada. She is currently working on a journalistic memoir about her experience, called "That's It, I'm Moving to Canada."