Thrill Ride
To the electric chair. That’s where Bleitz pretends they go after he straps them in and slams the cage. “Did ya remember to kiss your mommy and daddy good bye?” he’ll say. Or the old standby, “Hold on, a bolt’s come loose.” Hawk pulls the lever that sends them up. There’s a sharp jerk, the grinding of gears and they’re gone. Read more

First and Broadway
Gabriel is turning into a tree. It didn’t take long for his filthy hair and beard to grow matted as moss, for the dirt encrusting his skin to form rough bark, for his feet to swell to the thickness of an ancient trunk. But this morning while taking a whizz in the planter box, Gabriel realizes the final conversion is taking too long.  Read more

Breathing in Blossoms
SN Review

Carla whisks off the black plastic cape and touches her sleeping customer’s shoulders. “All right, Mrs. Garabedian. You’re done.” Mrs. Garabedian opens her eyes slowly, appearing startled to find herself in a beauty salon. Read more

Coastal Distance

Up until now, Lena has not thought much about Heywood's head. She's considered him a package deal; smooth muscles kept toned by gym workouts, strong jaw and crooked smile, the physical force of a jungle ape. But now she understands, it's his head that counts most. Read more

Red Rock Canyon

Nineteen is hard, my mother tells me. So are twenty and twenty-one. It's late afternoon, a glittering crystal of time when it's just the two of us. My mother, home from another day of changing sheets at White's Motel, kicks off her shoes and rests her bare feet on a kitchen chair. Read more

Jumping the Tracks
Toasted Cheese

Rafe sits in an antique kitchen chair getting his head shaved. Each time Harrison takes a swipe with the clippers, it creates a new patch of cold scalp. The buzz is deafening, but not loud enough to muffle Fern's sniffles. The fine fringes falling on the Congoleum seem like the end of something, she says. Read more

When All Was Covered With Water
Tonopah Review

My favorite things in the world are buried inside a metal box. Nobody can see them, not even if they beg or promise to buy me a strawberry fruit rollup at school. What's inside that box is mine.

Wazee Journal

Maricella could be happy just watching the play of sunlight on Joel's pale skin. Glistening sparks fly off his lashes, the silky hairs on his forearms, the blond curls that are the envy of his sisters. She could stay like this forever. Except she's seen the way his eyes dart around, intent on escape. 


Even Now
Even Now chronicles a splintered family's coming together to deal with the crisis of aging parents, and the uncovering of a family secret that's kept them apart for years. (274 pages.) (Currently seeking representation)

Creature People
Struggling actor, deejay, and temp Neal Hubler is thrown into an underworld of intrigue and challenged to rise above his passive state of nihilism when he meets an animal rights activist named Cassie. (In progress)